Discipline Management and Employment Termination Procedure


Discipline Management and Employment Termination Procedure

From 9am until 4pm

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Discipline Management and Employment Termination Procedure

Termination is an aspect of HR that needs to be handled tactically, professionally and legally. A mistake in the process can translate into a huge cost for the company. This training is designed to equip HR professionals and managers with requisite skills and knowledge required to handle disciplinary issues and the legal backing for different disciplinary actions.

Course Content

  • Progressive Discipline or Progressive Penalty
  • How to document discipline and performance to support legal terminations
  • Planning the disciplinary interview
  • Counselling and Discipline
  • Conducting HR investigations
  • The dos and don’ts of documenting workplace investigations
  • Setting up a termination meeting to support legal termination
  • The termination process
  • Procedures for laying off a large number of employees
  • How to write a severance agreement
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