We have helped a lot of our clients drive efficiency in their operations through process automation. They have been able to eliminate manual processes through our several tailored solutions like, Excel and Financial Modelling, Spreadsheet and Database Designs, Report Automation, Macros, Operations Template and more.


We have  helped a lot of  our clients save cost and time of maintaining a human resource unit by completely managing all their human resource functions while leveraging on the skills, expertise and experience of our HR team in ensuring that an efficient, compliant and people centric system is maintained. These functions span, developing HR Policies, Staff Handbook, Recruitment, Payroll


We are able to identify the training need for employees, develop the training process, design training programs and deliver in-house or recommend external programs to ensure continuing relevance and efficiency in the discharge of staff duties. We can manage training logistics for external, offshore trainings


We recruit all levels of staff for our clients, ranging from support to executive level. You can trust us to identify the best talents for your job openings with our expertise in headhunting and poaching. At LeadHire, we do not just recruit, we understand the unique attribute incidental to each role and peculiar to each organisation and in this light,


At LeadHire, we believe payroll administration and statutory compliance should not be cumbersome, that is why we deploy our payroll management through an automated system that simplifies the whole process. Our payroll administration is done through a web based software(Payroll Pivot) by our payroll specialists and we offer a real time paperless solution that gives clients access to their payroll


Outsourcing helps to achieve utmost efficiency with the lowest cost possible. The need to keep a large human resource department is eliminated and this in turn reduces the cost of continuously training HR staff, the risk of having to deal with an unstable work force and the risk of falling short of labour legislations compliance. All these are the core

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