Staff Outsourcing

While having the right people in the right positions is crucial to the success of every organisation, the administrative function of managing them could turn out to be a daunting task and a distraction from the core business functions.

Leveraging on our extensive experience, skills and expertise in people management, we guarantee you an effective and efficient Talent Management through our Staff Outsourcing Service.

Our high level Recruitment techniques and rigorous screening process ensure the acquisition of the right talents. The comprehensive Performance Management system we implement also ensures that these talents are efficient on the job.



We would research the industry in which you operate, your company and its policies to get an insight into your history, culture and peculiar people needs.

We would carry out continuous workforce planning in line with current and future people needs of your company.


Upon request for staff, we would search candidates through our robust database and large network for qualified candidates.

We would subject the candidates to rigorous screening and interview to ensure the specific requirements for the roles are met.

We would deploy only qualified and reliable employees that fit into your organisational culture.


All deployed employees’ information are collected, filed and maintained on our software.

We  would conduct background checks on all employees to verify educational certificates, guarantors’ details and previous employment.


Salaries-Compensation of employees would be agreed in line with market rate and your company Pay Scale.

Statutory Deductions- We comply with required statutory deductions and all deductions are remitted monthly immediately after payment of salary and reports forwarded to the necessary department.


Onsite supervisors may be deployed to your office for daily monitoring of the employees performance and for feedback purposes or alternatively, the supervisor may visit to perform these supervisory functions.


From goal setting through performance monitoring, effective reward system and employee development programs, we ensure a 360 degree performance management system is implemented. We adopt the following procedure;

Agreeing on KPI development with respective units in-house.

Discussing Performance goals with employees.

Scheduling of tasks by managers and monitoring execution progress.

Implementing periodic performance appraisal.

Implementing feedback


We would work with Line Managers and HR department to identify the training needs of employees, we would develop the training process, design the training programs and deliver a customized training either onsite or through our Learning Management System and in some cases, recommend external programs. This is done with the aim of ensuring the employees stay relevant and up to date on their job functions and able to discharge  their duties with utmost efficiency.


We establish a sustainable relationship with Union Leaders to ensure a non disruptive flow of operations in our clients’ business. Our consultants are able to manage all Labour related issues effectively in line with all stipulated regulations by the Federal Ministry of Labour.